Powerbase is an approved provider for LPG conversions and maintenance services. Our dedicated team of experienced and qualified technicians have carried out many conversions on a variety of vehicles.

The conversion involved adding a second tank which is independent of the original cars fuel system and allows the owner to select which fuel is used seamlessly. With circa 1400 LPG filling stations in the UK, owners become quickly aware of their locations for their local area and those stations on journeys made frequently, such as a daily commute. With the conversion effectively doubling the range of the vehicle, there is greater flexibility and convenience associated with having a dual-fuel conversion.

Switching to LPG is particularly attractive to owners of larger engine vehicles such as V6 and V8 engine cars where the lower prices per litre for LPG, typically close to 50% of unleaded fuel. Another way of looking at it is, it would have the same impact as doubling your MPG would have on your cost of fuel!

As you’re well aware, there is an additional cost associated with selecting a bigger engine for your car, be it on an options list from a dealer or scrolling through online pre-owned classifieds. There’s a certain amount of subjectivity with engine choices, and what an owner is looking for. Allied to this, a bigger engine naturally brings with it, lower MPG figures, where the owners understand these cost more to run too than the smaller engine models. The basic premise with LPG is that after the conversion, the fuel savings begin to pay for themselves and after a period of ownership it is not inconceivable that the conversion pays for itself and then starts to ‘pay’ for the original choice to select a larger engine.

A car that does 20 MPG and assuming at time of writing the cost per litre of Unleaded and LPG is £1.30 / £0.70 respectively, with a conversion starting at £1,800, the conversion would effectively be paid for through fuel cost savings after around 13,300 miles. A car that has an average of 30 MPG, the breakeven point is 19,900 miles.

To summarise the recognised advantages of an LPG conversion:

LPG can be up to 50% cheaper per litre,

A reduction in engine wear and costs of servicing.

  • Switchable between petrol and LPG, the effective range of the vehicle can be more than doubled.
  • Reduced air pollution.
  • The system can be removed and fitted in your next vehicle. Alternatively, the residuals for the converted vehicle should be greater.
  • The UK presently is an exporter of LPG and an importer of petrol, allied to lower CO² emissions comparatively speaking, LPG is less harmful on the environment than petrol.
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