Car Tuning

We are able to offer an extensive range of performance bolt-on parts from many of the leading brands. In respect to engine tuning we can remap your car and install additional upgrades, such as intercooler and performance exhausts which complement the remap and achieve greater power increases. In some cases, it can feel like a different car, not unlike having the next model up in the range that would normally have a bigger engine with greater performance.

Some of latest engines have similar engines between the different models with the ECU being set up to give specifiic engine outputs to denote different models in the range. This is achieved by restricting the lower engine output models which use the same engine as higher output models, but changes to the fuelling and timing can alter the power output up or down. A remap can remove this derestriction, giving your engine access to the engine output of the other models. In some cases, the remap can increase power levels even higher taking advantage of higher octane fuels.

Manufacturers invest heavily in testing their cars in different climates where fuel quality can vary region to region. Consequently the engine needs to be able to operate anywhere in the World where temperatures can vary dramatically country to country, season to season. Safety margins are built-in to cope with the different variables in each market. There are a number of factors which affect the performance of an engine and once the car is in a particular country, the car can be safely recalibrated to improve the performance of the engine by taking into account the fuel quality and environmental conditions in that country. Furthermore, if there is access to differing fuel grades, such as the 95 – 99 RON we have in the UK, the engine can be tuned to get the best from those higher octane fuels.

Evolution Chips

We are agents for Evolutions Chips who offer a range of remaps across many of the brands. Interestingly in conjunction with a Terraclean service, we have had a number of higher mileage vehicles having a full decarbonisation treatment followed by a remap which has totally transformed the car restoring some of the lost BHP and returning greater MPG. On one of the team’s 10 year old Mercedes C Class, on the same measured trip, they saw an increase from 38.2 to 42.6 mpg with a noticeable increase in torque too.

Revo Logo

On the Ford, Volkswagen, Audi, Seat and Skoda range of cars, via our parent company, Z Cars Evolutions, the full range of Revo Technik product are available. We have two demo cars fitted with Stage 2, an exhaust upgrade, larger intercooler and the Revo air intake. These are currently running power outputs circa 35%+ over standard.

Powerbase Tuning
Powerbase Tuning
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