Car Security

We are resellers of Tracker which are vehicle tracking systems. This is amongst the most robust technology on the market. They are the most effective way to protect your vehicle in the event of theft.

TRACKER implements this unique VHF location technology in all tracking units to address the problem of signal jamming that can affect GPS and GSM only systems. VHF technology also aids the location of concealed vehicles and is effective at finding vehicles even if they are hidden in shipping containers, lock-ups or underground car parks, where GPS only tracking can struggle.

We can also upgrade and retrofit alarms and immobolisers to an OEM standard, and integrate these into central locking systems.

We also fit dead-locking systems, which are popular with vans.

Some dash cam systems also record if there is an incident whilst the vehicle is unattended. We can also source fit a dongle and place an app on your phone so you can monitor your car remotely.

Powerbase Car Theft Security
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